Hi! My name is Julie, I’m a Christian wife, mother, grandmother and lover of all God’s children.

I’m new to this blogging thing but it’s been placed upon my heart to share my daily blessings and struggles.  How God uses the struggles for my good and for his glory.  I want to share God’s word, the love Jesus has for us and the steps to salvation.

If you are hurting, broken, filled with anger, disillusioned with life, wondering what life is all about? Lost, depressed, have anxiety, or alone?  Please ask me about Jesus, he loves you! He will heal your hurts and repair your heart.  He freely offers everyone salvation.

Below is the Plan of Salvation.  On the “PRAYER” tab – there is a Prayer (it’s an example of what you must express in your prayer) of Salvation. If you get on your knees and pray from your heart, he will forgive you and come into your heart.

If you are a Christian and have backslidden, or living a lukewarm life in Christ,  Jesus loves you too please come back to him.

These are end times as Revelation is being fulfilled daily, don’t wait any longer to repent and get your heart right.

Plan of Salvation

Life is precious and we are not promised tomorrow.  If you were to die today, or tonight do you know without a shadow of a doubt you’d go to heaven? Jesus is calling you, repent, ask him to come into your heart, he wants to give you salvation.